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Trip 01 Oct – 08 Oct 2015

” Friendliness of the staff made stay very enjoyable. Excellent knowledge of area made it possible to adapt to climate and current condditions”

Reimer Behrens & Ursula Oesterle

” Great Dives!! very friendly staff!! Always felt secure and well informed during dives. Good contact prior to trip.”

Roman Greissinger


Trip 21 Aug – 26 Aug 2015 (Cendrawasih Bay)

 ” We enjoyed trip with you, the crews are so friendly, good food, good supply of snack and drinks, and also great diving.”


Trip 7 Aug – 12 Aug 2015 (Cendrawasih Bay)

”  I enjoyed my trip wit PoP, Whale Sharks is the highlight of my trip, the food is perfect!!! Hands down to Doni. The crew is really friendly and helpfull.”

Aimee Malik

” Overall everything very good, Crew are very friendly,helpfull. Wayan is very nice, also BJ. Udin is nice, Doni is excellent chef, Anas is very helpfull and everything is perfect. For Sure I will recommend this POP to all my friends diver and it would be great to have a trip with all crew and this vessel.”


Trip 18 July – 25 July 2015 (Cendrawasih Bay)

” Yes we have enjoyed my time with you so much, the highlight was, walking sharks and ofcourse swim with the Whale Sharks.”

Wong Soo Jeen

Trip 5 June – 12 June 2015

” 100% enjoyment, highlights was seeing the Whale Sharks, divings, crew and staff were excellent. Emergency response was prompt and efficient. Food was great. Ben’s knowledge and expetise also great. Good dive Master and Crew.”

James William Hayes

” The highlight of the trip was diving with the Whale Sharks. Also the crew were very helpfull during medical emergency. THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

Danil Tirtowidjojo

Trip 20 May-28 May 2015

” Oh yes a lot!! Staf is excellent and very friendly. Nice dive with a lot of stuff to see and security.”

Dumas Caroline

” Had a great time. Dive sites selected were good, Dive guides great, highlights was Manta dive, food was good and staff is ever smilling and helpfull. Ben was been very proffesional and vert helpfull.”

Rakesh Gupta

” Definitely enjoyed. Great staff, great food. Highlights was Manta Sandy dives (11 Manta’s). Diving staff professional. Good handling of medical issues ( Medicine provided)”

Feme De Loitiere

” My first ever liveaboard, and it will be hard to top this trip highlights. second dive at Manta Sandy, beach BBQ, climb up mount Pindito. To be honest pretty much everything we did. Swimming on the equator has to be the coolest thing i’ve ever done.”

Stephen Blondin

Trip 20 April-28 April 2015

 Play of very happy. very enjoy this trip. Very gratefull.”


” We enjoyed so much. All the crews are nice and divemaster are proffesional and kind”


Trip 11 April-18 April 2015

I enjoyed very much. I love all the sites. It would be hard to name what eachs best, each was unique in it’s on way. I’m impress with how this boat is organized. Every little details are well taken care of proffesionally. Great leader great team!!!”

Chuthiwan Traiwatanapong

” Highlight dive was Mayhem, the Mioskon BBq was excellent idea. Should almost have been done sooner to get to know the staff sooner. Ben is a good dive lead, strict in the beginning, but makes for more aware dives as time goes on.”

Piya Big Millin

Trip 31 March-10 April 2015

” In summary it was a exiting and interesting trip. Problem are solved with good flexibility. Blue Magic was a great dive site.”


” I have enjoyed the time very much. Nice diving areas. Very busy crew. Thanks a lot!!!!”

Monika Frieg

”  Yes I enjoyed it!! Highlight of my trip was seeing the Manta Rays and the beach BBQ with all the staff. FUN!!!”


” The dives were spectacular. Marco did a good job finding unique life. Most events ran smoothly even in the face of adversity. Ben is an excellent cruise director and adapted well to the individual and group needs. The crew was very helpfull and always friendly.”

Marcia Hund

Trip 21 March-29 March 2015

” Very enjoyed this trip. Everyday we got a lot of wonderful news. And food was delicious..lovely place,comfortable dining. Thank you so much Ben and all of Pearl of Papua Crew..”


” Thoughtful and detailed service and arrangement. Friendly boat staff crew as well as dive staff”


Trip 14 March-20 March 2015

” The seamless organisation of every dive and meals made the whole Live-On-Board so relaxing and enjoyable.”

Lai Mei Sum and Renaud Joly

Trip 28 Febuary-7 March 2015

“The service from entire crew was excelent. Crew anticipated everyone’s need with care. Dive Master’s, also Cruise Director-Mr. Ben,were attentive and care. The food: Yum,Yum,Yum!!!eat,dive,eat,dive!! Good Job Chef Donny!!”


” The food was great!!!. Eager to asisst staf and crew. Captain very well informed, Cruise Director was on top of everyone. Excellent!!!!”

Sugiharto Jakinsyah

Trip 3 Febuary – 13 Febuary 2015

“Manta dives!!!! Mount Pindito hike = Lovely. All diving was very good, service and friendliness has been super.”
Nina Tapani

“Superb!! The crew has wonderful and very helpful. The food was quite-quite good. Compliments for the Chef. Ben is a great guide, helpful and very encouraging and comforting. Marco was very good as well.”
Judith Greenwald

“I really enjoyed diving at Raja Ampat with the people on Pearl of Papua. I’m glad to see the Walking Sharks, special thanks to Ben, you took care everyone so good.”
Shizuko Abe

“.I liked the through pre-dive briefing because it really help me to enjoyed the  Raja Ampat diving much more!! I also liked all of the crew members, they are very friendly ^_^.”
Marcellus Shands


Trip 26 January – 2 Febuary 2015

“ Dive hot spots, mount climbing, FIRE BALL, land BBQ and equator jump from the boat. ”
Peter Schneider.

“ Every things was a highlights, the hospitality was excellent, Ben is excellent cruise director. THANK YOU FOR ALL!!!!!”
Erich Bader

Yes, diving very fantastic. Seeing Giant Manta and Sharks. BBQ in small island.”

Trip 18 January-25 January 2015

“ Very much enjoyed trip!! Well organized diving experience, I really appreciated Ben’s effort to adjust dives for my ears and ability.”
Christine Ellen Rispler

“Very much!! Loved the reefs they are truly special. Entire boat crew were all friendly, professional, very helpful in keeping us organize and efficiently diving.  Ben was incredible adapted the dives to allow our friends Christine (descent problem with ears) to fully participate.”
Lynn Torfasan

“Very enjoyable. Highlights were the definitely friendliness plus diligence of the crew and Ben efforts to put Christine comfortable.”

 Trip 10 Januari – 18 January 2015

“The Hospitality of the crew and making sure all of us are well taken care of. THANK YOU!!!!!!!
Yvone Chen

“Yes  I did very much!!! The BBQ was awesome!!! Had a good time. Appreciate the effort from all crew.

“ Barbeque on the island where staff were multi-tasking and cleaned the beach, lights the fire. I appreciate the medication and ear drop for my reversed block ear from DM. I also enjoyed climbing Hidden Bay hill and swim.”
Caroline Leung

“ Yes I enjoyed!!!! Highlight : BBQ party, awesome setup by the crew and good food. Crew makes everyone feel comfortable during the trip. They make sure that everyone’s safe on board and during dive. GREAT HOSPITALITY!!!!!!!
Esther Chin


Trip 3 January – 9 January 2015

“ Yes we enjoyed it very much. Highlight of the trip is because we have the best Cruise Director who is very helpful in everything. Through in briefing, he keep the boat organized. The crew are very nice and food taste good. And the crew also good and they cleaned the equipment at the last day.”
Rully Simorangkir Family

“ Clean water!!!! And the ease of diving. Dive Gear all load up before we suit up and dive brief. Seeing all the sea creatures I wanted to see.”

“Yess!! The highlight were the variety of delicious food served on the boat and the very hardworking dive guides.”
Ervin Pang

“Yess!! Some of the diving spot were outstanding. Getting out into open landscape was excellent. Ben had a lot of knowledge of the environment /ecology which was interesting. Food is Good!!!

Jules Crawshaw